9 may 2018
the smart way to
SHOP  &  own  LUXURY

Location: London

Photography: Luciano Munhoz

Shopping luxury designer fashion is something I really enjoy doing, but given the high price tags, it is something I don’t usually do on a whim. Developing somewhat Of a strategy when it comes to buying high-end items is something that has helped me build up my collection and own a range of pieces which I truly love so in this post, I want to share with you my top tips to buying, selling and owning designer fashion!
If you follow my Youtube channel you will know by now that I definitely have a thing for luxury designer goods. Many people associate designer labels with lots of brand tags everywhere which can be distasteful, but if done right designer fashion and accessories can really elevate your outfits and make you not only look but also feel like a million bucks, because it can feel like somewhat of an achievement to have saved up and purchased that one piece you truly love. I don’t think there is anthing wrong with feeling proud of rewarding yourself for your hard work, so give yourself a pat on the back if you finally saved up for that handbag you have been eyeing up for a few months and if you can afford to then why not treat yourself? However, shopping luxury for most people is something that requires some sort of willpower and control to save up, so I always advise against shopping on an impulse when it comes to high ticket items.

I started developing a penchant for designer fashion when I was around 20 and started earing my own money after doing a summer internship while at university. It was the first time I was earning my own money and was learning how to organise my finances. From this moment I decided I wanted to try and save up to buy less but better things and build out my luxury collection, but like everyone else I have made a few mistakes and also learnt some valuable lessons along the way. In this post, I want to share with you my top tips for not only building out your luxury collection into one you truly love and use, but also how to shop for luxury without an eye-watering budget and how to let go when you have outgrown the pieces in your wardrobe.

                  1. CONTROL YOUR IMPULSES

I have mentioned this one in previous videos on my Youtube channel, but I firmly believe that when it comes to buying high priced items you should avoid to impulse buy. Sometimes this can be really difficult, and I have to admit that occasionally I have done this myself, only to regret it a few months later. When I head out and buy something when I first see it without really thinking it through, I tend to miss a lot of things when it comes to the usability and versatility of the item, which is why my biggest tip when purchasing luxury is to try and think things through before you go ahead with a purchase. My favourite way to go about this is to think about things for few weeks (if possible) before I buy them. In this period of time I think about how weareable the item is, how well it will pair up with things already in my wardrobe and mostly I like to see whether I acually miss it – If when I get dressed over 50% of the time I think ‘I wish I had that piece it would look so good with this outfit’ then I know its a keeper and I should get my hands on it asap, but if I dont really think about it then probably don’t need it and can splurge my money somehwere else.

                                 2. DON’T HOARD                           

Following from my next point, if at some point you haven’t been able to control yourself and have ended up buying something that a few months later you don’t love as much, or if simply you have outgrown a few pieces in your wardrobe then don’t hoard! If you still can, then don’t miss your chance to return an item. My favourite reason to shop online as opposed to in a physical store is because I can try things in the comfort of my own home, pair them with existing pieces and really see whether its something I love or not. If after thinking about it calmly over a day or two I feel like I won’t get as much wear out of it as I initially thought,  I will simply return it. Most online stores have made it so easy and affordable to do this that you shouldn’t give it a second thought.

If returning is no longer an option, it is still important that you identify what pieces you are no longer wearing. At least once a year I like to do a wardrobe declutter and go through everything I have to see whether I am wearing it and still loving it, whether I have forgotten about but do still love it or whether it simply just doesn’t fit my body or style any longer. We all know about the 3 pile system (keep, maybe, give away) but I have found that the ‘maybe’ pile can become pretty large in most cases, so you have to be a little ruthless. If you haven’t worn something for the past year, unless its because you simply forgot you owned it, then you probably you are never going to wear it again so it can find a better home, which takes me on to my next point.

Sunglasses by PRADA

Jumper by JAEGER

Leather Trousers by UTERQUE


Watch by CHOPARD

Earrings by DIOR

Bracelet by CARTIER

Handbag by BULGARI

Boots by MASCARO


There is one advantage of buying designer pieces and that is that for the most part they are an investment and you will be able to re-sell them for good value, most of the time. I know this can sound like the perfect excuse to go and splurge but I do still stand by my previous point of thinking before you shop. However, if you find that you have bought something and it’s not getting as much love as it deserves then perhaps the time has come to give it a better home and if it is a designer item it will probably find one.

If you are someone who changes style often and quickly get bored of the pieces in your wardrobe, then this can be the perfect solution to own a luxury which is always current and in line with your style at that particular point in time. Usually, if you are looking to re-sell items I would advise you go for classic pieces that never go out of style as opposed to very extreme trend based pieces, as if you try to sell something like the Balenciaga Knife Boots in 5 years time, there might be no takers. My style is usually quite classic so I have never had trouble re-selling old pieces when I fancy a bit of an upgrade and I have found the easiest items to shift are handbags, given they are not size specific, and this just happens to work out perfectly for me given the love I have for these.

I have used a few different websites to re-sell pre-loved items but my favourite so far has been Vestiare Collective.  They are super efficient and the process is very easy and stress-free. When it comes to re-selling your items on their site all you will need to do is post some photographs of the item, there is a guide as to what angles you need,  write a description and add a price (which is always reviewed by Vestiare to see if it’s appropriate) and that’s it! As soon as the item is sold you will need to post it in to Vestiare using their complimentary service and then just wait to receive your payment, from which they cut a commission, although you know this from the second you list your item as they very clearly state what percentage of the sale will be for yourself.


For a very long time, I was extremely wary of shopping pre-loved designer goods, especially online. I had seen a lot of influencers mention how they shopped on e-bay and how you could use all these different methods to authenticate designer goods, but it just seemed like a lot of effort and I thought I would never really get peace of mind and would always be wondering if what I had just spent my hard earned money on wasn’t actually a fake. However, a couple of years ago I discovered Vestiare Collective and after researching extensively I discovered that they have an in-house authentication team, who analyses all the goods sent in to them to ensure not only that they are authentic, but also that they exactly match the description the seller has provided.

You can purchase both pieces that are brand new and in mint condition at 1/3 of the original price, or you can purchase some vintage or lightly used items. However, no matter what you decide to purchase you will always know exactly the condition it is in, as the team at Vestiare are extremely thorough and have very high standards when it comes to rating items.  The website is also very user-friendly and you can interact with the seller by asking any questions you may have, reading what others have asked and even bidding for the item if the price given by the seller is a little out of your budget.  My only gripe with their service is that delivery can take quite a while. The seller first needs to send in their goods to Vestiare, it then gets  authenticated and finally its posted to you, which means all in all it can take over 3 weeks, but if you want to build out your designer wardrobe but don’t want to spend a fortune on each item it’s a fantastic tool to use and worth the wait.

I honestly think that building a designer collection that you truly love can be very rewarding, but if you end up having too much stuff which is of no use you can find it overwhelming and actually not enjoy to their full potential the pieces you have so worked so hard to own, so I hope these tips are helpful in keeping your collection up to date.