10 jan 2018


Contour & Bronzer

Location: London

Photography: Luciano Munhoz

I feel that highlight and contour can just totally transform your face but it is quite easy to cross that line and instead of looking sexy and chiselled you can just end up with a muddy looking face! So I am always on the hunt for new and improved contouring products and my latest discovery have been those by Rodial!

As many of you may know if you have been following me for sometime contouring has to be my favourite beauty technique. I personally have never been too happy with the shape of my face, I feel because my bone structure is so small my features hardly pop and I have always admired those sharp chins and cheek bones like those of Olivia Palermo (sigh!). So ever since I discovered the art of contouring it has been my absolute best friend!

I had never really tried Rodial as a brand before but I started seeing their new makeup line on a few youtube videos and blogs and people seemed to speak very highly of them, but the real deal was when I heard Mario Dedivanovic, Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist recommend them. He is the makeup artist I most look up to, soI thought if he was recommending it, it must be good.


These powders are not widely available, I got them at Harvey Nichols in London and I think they retail in Selfridges as well but I have’t seen them anywhere else. They are also quite pricey at £52 pounds a pop but you do get quite a lot of product and the quality is absolutely amazing!

As soon as I tried these powders I was super impressed from the product to the packaging. The powder is  super finely milled and hence so easy to blend. The colour pay off is also great, they aren’s so pigmented that you can easily go overboard, but at the same time they do have enough pigmentation to show up on a medium skin tone like mine. The shades are also spot on. I decided to pick up both the contour and bronzing powders and both are completely matte which helps them to look very natural on your skin.

The bronzing powder warms up your complexion without making it look orange and the contour powder has the perfect amount of grey to give you a natural looking shadow. I believe they now also have a darker contour powder for deeper skin tones, but the original powder depending on how much you build it up should be good for fair to medium skin tones.

For your reference on the picture below – my mother has a light skin tone and I have a medium one and we used the same shades of contour and bronzing powders. 

I also tried these powders on my mom and she was also super impressed, as some powders can be very drying on mature skin and this accentuates wrinkles or fine lines, but these ones just looked so natural and didn’t dry her skin out at all.

The packaging is also truely luxurious with chrome accents and a faux leather top with the the signature ‘R’ logo embossed. It does feel a little heavy but that just adds to the luxury feeling and given they have a big mirror they would be perfect to carry in your bag and show off when you are touching up!

So overall I must say this product is worth every penny. Till now I had been using the Anastasia Contour Palette and I absolutely loved it, but i do think these products are just a notch above given they are more finely milled and therefore blend out with a lot less effort. However, if you do want something more affordable the Anastasia powders are very similar and the shades Fawn and Havanna are almost perfect dupes for the shades of the  Rodial contouring and bronzing powders but at $14 they are a lot more affordable, although you do get less product.

the  rodial powders

Do let me know your thoughts on these powders and if there are any others you think I should try! Next on my list is to try their banana powder and their hd translucent setting powder but I think my pocket cannot take any more hits for this month!