27 feb 2018



My secret to beautiful hair

Location: London

I have been blessed with naturally strong, abundant and healthy hair,  but ever since I started colouring it I realised that despite my scalp being very oily my ends looked quite dry and limp. Since then I have always applied a weekly mask to the mid-lengths and ends of my hair, and although that did make my hair feel softer nothing really transformed its appearance, that was until I tried the Elasticizer by Philip Kingsley.

My hair has to be the part of my body I am most proud of. I have always been a huge fan of long, luscious, voluminous hair and although I am very lucky to have been blessed with quite a lot of hair which grows very quickly, the constant application of heat, especially on hair which is quite old, does make it look dry and unhealthy at times.

I must admit that initially when I didn’t colour my hair I wouldn’t really pay much attention to it and any shampoo and conditioner would do the job,  but ever since I started applying colour to my hair I noticed that it started to look quite limp especially at the ends, so I started applying nourishing and hydrating masks once a week. Although they helped nothing really restored my hair to its former glory, so after doing a ton of research I came across The Elasticizer by Philip Kingsley.

My  Style

I actually came across this product on Amelia Liana’s Youtube channel. She has quite similar hair to mine, so I thought that if it was working wonders for her, I should most definitely give it a go.  She recommended sleeping in it but I can’t really get myself to sleep with damp hair so I have been applying it in the morning and leaving it on for maybe 3 or 4 hours and I must say that the difference from the first application has been incredible.

This mask is specially designed to bring elasticity back to hair, which is very dry and damaged and therefore breaks easily. This mask doesn’t just give a boost of hydration to your hair bringing back shine and bounce, which I so badly need especially on my ends, it also treats the hair on the inside, by nourishing it.

This mask is a little different to others as it is a pre-shampoo treatment so I love to mix it in with my Polynesian Manoi Oil from the Body Shop or some Coconut Oil as well as some Olaplex which helps to nourish and re-bond my hair. After mixing in all the products I apply a thick layer from mid-lengths to ends, sectioning the hair to ensure that every single strand is covered. Once I have covered all my hair in the mixture I take a wide toothed comb and spread the product evenly throughout my hair  and later put it up in a bun and cover with a shower cap for about 3 to 4 hours. Finally I shampoo my hair as normal and apply conditioner.

This mixture has really made a difference to my hair and it now looks a lot shinier, healthier and it also keeps the colour intact longer, as healthy hair retains colour better.


I hope you give this product a go, please let me know what you think and if you would like  a more detailed post or video on my hair care routine and would like to know more about what I do to keep it healthy please let me know in the comments below.