21 JUN 2017


City Guide

Location: Milan
I have never thought of Milan as a city with lots to see, I saw it as a shopping mecca more than anything else, but after my last trip to this beautiful city I have definitely changed my mind.
IAfter being involved in the BA debacle at the end of May with all flights worldwide being cancelled, we decided to switch up our holiday plans and instead of going to Naples as initially planned we headed to Lake Como, given no airline had flights to Naples available. The nearest airport to Lake Como was Milan so we decided to make the most of it and stay a day there to perhaps go shopping and see the city.  Despite the fact that we only spent a day and a half there I really wanted to share with you what I enjoyed about visiting this beautiful city, which I think would make the perfect destination for a weekend getaway.
Located in the Plaza del Duomo, this has to be one of the most emblematic and beautiful sights in Milan. Its a gothic style cathedral and both the interior and exterior are absolutely stunning. I have always found gothic architecture very impressive given the height of buildings, but this church is not only impressive size wise, with a height of over a 100m and being the 5th largest church in the world, but also very beautiful. The detail on both the outside and inside is incredible and you can definitely see why it took nearly 6 centuries to be completed – To summarise my husband and I were completely blown away! It is also in the main city square and the ticket to get in is very reasonably priced at 3 euros.
Also in Plaza del Duomo and right next to the cathedral is this stunning gallery, which has to be one of the most beautiful places to shop in the world. If you are looking for some of the best international brands then look no further, they are all housed in this stunning four story double arcade, dating back to 1877. The galley is named after the first king of Italy and it is one of the oldest shopping malls in the world. The architecture of this arcade is absolutely stunning and it has the popular domed cast iron roof which you can see in many other 19th century arcades, such as the Burlington arcade in London. It has beautiful cafes, stunning displays at designer shop windows and even if you are not planning to shop its definitely a sight you must not miss
This super popular cafe is right in the middle of Galleria Vittorio Emanuelle which means its great spot to stop for lunch in the midst of all your shopping. It has an old school glamour vibe to it, which I absolutely love and you suddenly feel like you have steeped into a 1940s black and white film. The food was delicious, with the risottos being a real standout. They have some outside seating facing the galleria, which I love especially for day time, but if you prefer somewhere more quiet they also have a more private restaurant inside, as well as a gelato stand which serves the best ice cream I have ever tried!

We unfortunately missed our reservation at this one, due to terrible time management on our side and I have to admit we were absolutely gutted. If you are looking for a Michelin star fine dining experience, we read some rave reviews about this place and I think its one not to be missed. Other diners said both the atmosphere and the food are incredible and it really deserves its 2 Michelin stars. Its traditional Italian cuisine with a modern twist!

We all know that  Milan has great shopping, so I thought I wouldn’t go over the obvious and tell you about the city centre’s shopping district.  Instead I thought I would let you know about this amazing find I made, which I was pretty excited about. About an hours drive away from Milan (or an hour and half if you travel by train), just across the Swiss border is Foxtown, a giant outlet shopping mall with some of the best international high end and premium high street designers. I would especially recommend this if you’re looking to buy high end designer goods!

I have been to plenty of outlet stores in my time including Bicester Village, near London but I have to say I have never seen as great a selection as I did in Foxtown. I had already visited this little or actually very large gem in a previous trip to Switzerland and I have to say I was impressed the first time, but his second visit definitely didn’t disappoint either. Not only is there a huge selection of stores – it one of the biggest outlet malls in Europe – the amount of stock in the stores is huge, which means lots of sizes, colours, models etc.. are available and you are sure to find something you will fall in love with. If you head over there you must not miss Dolce and Gabanna, they have a fantastic selection and being an Italian brand, you are on to a real winner when it comes to prices.

Its the perfect mix of luxury and cosiness. Its located in the midst of Milan’s shopping district which means its perfect both if you want to go shopping, or site seeing as its only a short walk away from the Plaza del Duomo. The hotel is an old villa and although it does need some of the rooms refurbished as they look slightly dated, its a great place if you want to stay in a 5 star hotel but don’t want to splurge out too much. The service is fantastic and the staff is very friendly. The rooms are also a good size, but for me the real stand out were the marble bathrooms they are huge and super beautiful, totally Instagramable! My biggest gripe with the hotel was that it didn’t have 24 hour room service , although this seems to be the norm in Milan, but it was a real downer when we got in at midnight on our first night and had nothing to eat.
The best time to visit Milan is definitely Spring, we went at the end of May and the weather was absolutely beautiful, it was warm but not scorching hot so if you want to go sight seeing and don’t want to be totally ripped off at hotels I would say anytime between mid March and the end of June would be perfect!