20 feb 2018

how to:

      get flawless skin in SECONDS


Location: London

Photography: Luciano Munhoz

A flawless base is, in my opinion, the key to a stunning makeup look, and perfecting it is what takes up most of the time in my daily routine. If you have seen my makeup tutorials you will probably know I use quite a number products to achieve any particular look and these change over time, but one thing has stayed absolutely consistent over the years and that is the Beauty Blender. This has to be the best makeup tool out there! I know beauty bloggers have been raving about it for a while but I had to put it out there just in case you still don’t know how amazing this it is.
I have recommended this product to quite a few people who are not even into make up and they say it has seriously changed their lives! OK that may be a bit of an overstatement (I got a bit dramatic!) but it definitely has changed the way they apply makeup and it is seriously worth every penny. This tool is essentially a make up sponge with one end in a domed shape and the other in a rounded point shape, it works with any foundation, concealer or even powder and it just blends any product to an absolutely seamless finish, making your skin look flawless but not cakey. It blurs out any imperfections and makes any product mesh with your skin so it looks really natural and like real skin.
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The best way to use this sponge is damp, make sure you run it under the tap for a good 30 seconds and then squeeze out all the water. This will make the sponge almost double in size as it locks in a lot of moisture inside. It is this moisture combined with the texture of the sponge that really helps blend both cream and powder products.

I love using the beauty blender to apply liquid foundation and concealer and I find the best way to do it is by bouncing the Beauty Blender on your skin rather than dragging it. The little point on the bottom side helps you get into every little corner on your face such as the corner of your eyes or the areas around your nose. In order to avoid using too much product on your skin, I find its best to dot some foundation or concealer on your face and then smooth it out with the Beauty Blender or otherwise you can directly spread the products on your skin using fingers and then just use the beauty blender to help it mesh with your skin and remove any excess. A lot of people apply the product directly with the Beauty Blender, however, because it is so porous it tends to absorb most of the product, which means you end up wasting a lot.

The sponge is also great to use with powder, as it stops it from looking cakey and I love to use it especially with loose powders to bake.


Although a little pricey (approx £12-15 (UK) $17-20 (US)) if you wash this sponge on a weekly basis (if you use it everyday) it should last you for almost up to a year, so it is definitely worth every penny.

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