10 may 2018

Get Your Skin Ready To


Location: London
Photography: Luciano Munhoz
Recently my skin has not been feeling its best and aside from suffering from quite a few breakouts its also been looking very dull and lacklustre. I naturally have combination skin with an especially oily t-zone, but unfortunately it often develops a greyish tinge and looks like it has completely lost its glow making my pigmentation look more prominent. My favourite anti-dote for this are face masks, they can honestly change my skin in an instant and give me a much needed brightness boost!ow back and be ready to show off some skin now that the sun is shining!
Most people think that because I have olive skin, I must always look tanned and glowing, but that is unfortunately very far from the truth. The reality is my skin has quite a yellow undertone and paired with my very dark under eye area my skin can look quite dull at times, especially if I haven’t been consistent with my skincare routine throughout the week or I haven’t left the house in few days and haven’t seen the sun (which unfortunately happens quite often in my case). As I mentioned in various videos on my Youtube channel, I like to put on a few masks at least once a week depending on my skin’s needs. Today I wanted to talk to you about my favourite masks to get rid of dullness and give my skin a radiance boost when it needs it most. These masks are an instant pick me up that always make me look and sometimes even feel better!
A revolutionising discovery for me was the Bubble Mask mask by Sephora. I have tried a few things from Sephora’s own skincare range and I have to say that so far I have been very impressed with every single one of them. They are not only affordable but actually give instant and very impressive results, which is exactly what I want from a face mask. This one has a very interesting texture, it initially comes on as a clear gel but within a few seconds of applying it on your skin it starts foaming up and remains that way. I love the fact that you only need to leave this mask on for about 2 minutes so its perfect to use before putting your make up if your skin isn’t feeling great. Its meant to be a detoxifying and oxygenating mask, containing white tea extract which gives your skin a radiant glow. After leaving it on for about 2 minutes you can rinse it off with warm water and a flannel and voila, perfect skin!

Sometimes our skin can look dull and tired because of lack of hydration and I recently discovered a wonderful overnight mask that not only brings moisture and lustre back into my skin, it also has an intense plumping effect. This one is a great one for more mature skin as well, as the plumping effect is very noticeable given it has a significant amount of hyaluronic acid. I literally felt like I almost had a tiny bit of fillers injected into my cheekbones overnight, I was amazed! I honestly cannot rave about this one enough. You put on a thin layer over your skin and within a few minutes it dries up and you then leave it on overnight, but don’t worry it wont stain your bedsheets. In the morning you can remove any excess and really I hope you have the same results as me because I was very impressed!

Exfoliating is probably the most common way to get rid of dullness. I have been a fan of chemical exfoliants for years, because I feel they work much better on my sensitive skin than harsh physical ones. The Tri-Active Natural Peeling from Casmara has been a recent discovery but it completely changed the way my skin looks and feels. This exfoliating gel has a mix of two alpha hydroxy acids and one beat hydroxy acid, which means it is able to work even on the deepest levels of the skin. It is perfect for removing all the dead skin cell build up, as well as oil and debris that accumulates on our skin. It goes on like a clear liquid and you only need to leave it on for 5 minute before massaging it into your skin and washing it off. I love using this one 2-3 times a week as part of my evening skincare routine.

As the name suggests, this one is exactly that – a brightening sheet mask. I have mentioned this one previously in favorites videos because it is one of my absolute holy grail skin care products. It has Vitamin C extract and like most sheet masks I feel it penetrates very deeply into the skin, so it really smoothes it out and leaves it looking absolutely radiant, almost as if lit from within. Another added benefit is, it helps to fade old blemish marks or any pigmentation spots and leaves your skin looking almost like it’s been airbrushed. Vitamin C has many skin benefits, amongst others it stimulates collagen production, its an atixidant so it has fantastic antiaging properties, helps to fade pigmentation and increases hydration. I love using this mask before an important event, but my only gripe is you need to leave it on for half an hour, although I have to say the results definitely make it worth my while.


Finally last but most definitely not least, are these eye patches from Masque Bar. This Korean beauty brand makes some of the best masks I have ever tried and to top it off they are very affordable. Dark circles under your eyes can make you skin look dull and tired, so these gel pads are absolutely perfect to complete your beauty routine. They contain Sunflower Seed Oil and Vitamins A & E and they hydrate lift, plump and reduce darkness. I have very dark under eye circles so they don’t disappear completely, but their appearance definitely improves after using these and my concealer blends in like a dream


Masks for me are the best way to give your skin an instant pick me up and sometimes not only make you look better but also feel better. I love using them to prepare for an event and for me they are the most effective form of skincare – let me know which masks you love and how you use them!