15 feb 2018

full proof


Location: London

Photography: Luciano Munhoz

Don’t you hate it when you spend hours doing your make up only to find that a couple of hours later your concealer has creased, your foundation has faded, you look like a shiny disco ball and your eye makeup has smudged!! This has been my longest struggle and I have only just found a full proof way to make up my make up stay put for hours.
I naturally have combination skin and my t-zone is extremely oily so although foundations sit nicely when I apply them, it is difficult to stop them from sliding around my face. The one benefit of naturally oily skin is that you can get away with applying a lot more makeup, because as soon as your natural oils kick in it tends to look a lot ore natural and blended, however for the most part most of us don’t like to pile on tons and tons of it because this can actually lead to a lot of breakouts, especially if you have oily skin like mine. Also, the oils in your skin can sometimes break up makeup formulas which can lead to patchy looking skin and trust me that is not a good look on a night out!

So today I want to tell you about a few products which are very effective at keeping your makeup on for longer without making it looks cakey and these have honestly made my life easier so much easier and hope will make yours too!

1Face Primer – For me primers do not work! I have tried every single product out there and I find it simply adds one more layer to my face but they don’t actually do anything except dry my skin out initially, making it look cakey only to let the oil come through a couple of hours later. However, I found a full prof solution to this and that is the bb cream! I use the Dior Hydralife BB Cream and this is absolutely amazing! I apply a very thin layer of this all over my face and not only does it hydrate and nourish my skin without making it oily, it helps my foundation stick and last longer and it also adds some coverage and  evens out my skin tone creating a perfect blank canvas for foundation. My favourite way to use this is actually mix in a pump with the foundation I am using and this way, I have my skin primed but I don’t need the extra step.
2Powder, Powder, Powder! – I have found that there is nothing better than powder to make any product last longer on your skin, and even if your makeup starts off looking cakey if you let it sit on your skin for 20-30 minutes the natural oils of your skin will make it mesh with your skin making it look a lot more natural. I like to set my concealer with the yellow powder from the ABH Contour Palette, I then set the rest of my makeup with a thin layer of the Chanel Loose Powder, I will then go over any areas where I apply a cream contour with a contour powder or bronzer and finally once my make up is finished I will apply a very thin layer of the Chanel Natural Finish Pressed Powder on my t-zone, just to finish setting everything. This definitely sounds like a lot of powder but I promise if you use the right products will your skin will look flawless for longer and no one will notice the extra layers.
3Make Up Setting Spray – I was never a huge fan of these as I really thought they were a bit of a gimmick, but after trying the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray I must say it does help my make up last longer and it also helps my makeup look fresher after applying powder
4Eyes – I have extremely oily eyelids so for me it is absolutely essential to prime these. I find that a cream eye shadow works best – Dior, Mac and Charlotte Tilbury are my absolute favourites. If you use a neutral colour it helps even out the colour of your eyelids and hide any darkness and if you use a darker shade it helps intensify any eyeshadow you apply on top. When I apply a neutral colour I also apply a light  layer of loose powder to help eyeshadows glide on smoothly

Now you are ready to party all night long without having to worry about having no makeup left on your face by the end of the night!

What products do you rely on for a full proof makeup application?