26 Jun 2017



Location: Villa D’Este – Lake Como
We recently went to Lake Como and we stayed at the most heavenly hotel, Villa D’Este. It’s in the small town of Cernobbio on the west bank of Lake Como and as the name suggests it is an old villa by the lake. However, this is not just any villa, it is the most amazing villa I have ever seen! The architecture is stunning, the decor opulent yet classic and the views are just out of this world.
I have  always had a very mixed feelings about hotels. On one hand I love being away and being surrounded by the luxury hotels have to offer,  everything is served to you on a platter and you don’t have to worry about cleaning up after every meal, or making the bed every morning. However,  at the same time I also really miss the comfort of being in my own home and being able to do things my way and mostly having the freedom of doing things whenever I want. So actually investing in a good hotel with good service especially on a holiday where I want to relax and not be out and about all the time, is really important and I think that is my key focus when planning a holiday.  Thankfully my husband feels the same way about it, so we can both happily invest most of our holiday budget on the perfect hotel.

Our recent stay at the Villa D’Este hotel in Lake Como has to be one of the most indulgent ones we have had so far. The property was outstanding in every way be it  the location, the architecture or the service. We actually booked this holiday quite last minute as initially we were meant to fly to Capri, but had to cancel due to a BA strike, but I have to say Villa D’Este did not disappoint!

The property is surrounded by 25 acres of land, which means lots and lots of garden space to go for lovely long walks and it even has a floating pool in the lake which together with the view for me were the real highlights of this property. It has been named one of the best hotels in the world by both Conde Nast and Forbes and I can definitely see why. The hotel is set up as a resort so you really don’t need to step out if you don’t want to, but if you do the city of Como is only about a 10 minute drive away or about a 1 hour walk if you are feeling adventurous (the walk along the lake is stunning!). On the property grounds you will find everything you could possibly need, from a designer fashion boutique to the most dreamy spa and a jacuzzi within the floating swimming pool, so whats not to love! The service is absolutely impeccable and the staff really go out of their way to try and cater to your every whim. We were celebrating a special occasion so the hotel very kindly upgraded us to a suite, which was absolutely stunning with not one but two walk-in wardrobes and a fabulous view of the hotel gardens.
As you may have guessed if you have been following me for a while, my husband and I are both foodies so restaurants on site are always something we are looking out for and although the food was very nice, I think the hotel could do with something more innovative cuisine-wise. The hotel has a casual bar/cafe style venue, a more informal restaurant called the Brasserie and a formal fine dining venue, with a pretty strict dress code (specially for men – blazer and ties are a must!). The venues all have outside seating with stunning views of the lake, however, the food at the bar/cafe is very average especially for a hotel of this level and the meny at the brasserie was nice but hardly anything to rave about. The orange creme brûlée dessert though, was definitely something worth trying!

Overall we had a fabulous stay and if you are looking for a romantic and relaxing get away and you really want to indulge Villa D’Este is just the place for you.

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