6 mar 2018
Transform your Winter Look
Location: London

Photography: Luciano Munhoz

Winter wardrobes can be very boring and I often feel like no matter what you wear you always end up looking the same because you just put a coat over it and that’s basically all there is to your outfit. However, over the years I have mastered the way of transforming a piece and today I want to tell you about how I change up the most essential basic – the classic winter coat, because although it is technically Spring London is still freezing and these tips may come in handy!
Winter has to be by far my most unfavorite time of year, being from Madrid I love the sun and London can get pretty gloomy during these cooler months. However, we all have to live through it and one of the things I really struggle with apart from my never ending desire to stay home covered up in a blanket on the couch, is to look like I am wearing an actual outfit on any given day. For the longest time I have felt that there was really no point in buying any winter clothes or trying to style them up in any way because they would eventually just be covered by a coat and no one would really see what I was wearing underneath. However, I finally decided that the answer to all my problems was learning how to make my outerwear more interesting so that it could be an outfit in itself!

A great thing to do to keep your outfits interesting is to have a number of different coats, so you at least feel like you don’t look the same every day. However, coats can be expensive especially if you want to purchase good quality pieces which I absolutely recommend if you want to keep yourself warm. So if your budget or closet doesn’t stretch to purchasing a few winter coats then my advice would be – invest in pieces that will transform that one stunning coat!

My first piece of advice would be to purchase a classic coat in terms of both style and colour. Neutral coloured coats are highly versatile and can easily be paired with any outfit, so I would recommend going for a black, grey or camel (which is my favourite).

In terms of the silhouette, something fairly straight usually works best, because although I love full-skirted coats, I feel they don’t really look very good with trousers so if you are only going to be investing in one coat then I think a straighter fit is much more wearable. I love anything from over the knee length to a midi style coat but I would recommend going for a non-belted if you can style as I feel like you can wear these both with or without a belt so they give you more room to play.



Next would be investing in a collar or scarf to pair with your coat. Some brands like Ted Baker do great pieces with detachable faux fur collars. But if you have gone for a simpler style you can always purchase fayx fur scarves or collars which can add a touch of glamour and really amp up a look, specially in the evenings. If you are opting for a more casual look then pairing your coat with a big chunky scarf or stole can completely change the look and keep you nice and cosy at the same time. This is a great way to add a pop of colour to a neutral outfit or play with a different kind of texture to make the look a little more interesting.


         THE GILET


My next suggestion would be to invest in a gilet. I got my first gilet as a gift from my parents for Christmas a couple of years ago and I thought I would get no wear out of it, beacause London was simply too cold to stroll out in winter with a jumper and a gilet over the top. However you might not believe this, but I actually featured this piece in my most worn pieces for 2016 and I think it would be up there again this year. My reason for this was that not only was I wearing my gilet with jumpers in the milder days but it also worked really well with coats. You can wear them underneath your coat to keep you warmer and have the neck showing which can look quite nice, but if you want to really change up your look,  wear it over your coat. A gilet the same length as your coat in either fur or faux fur can add a really interesting texture to your coat and completely transforms it making it look like an entirely different piece. You can also play with silhouttes and add a shorter gilet like mine and then belt both pieces adding a sort of peplum feel to the outfit which can be really flattering.


Finally my last and possibly my most favourite accessory as of late would be a belt. I feel like these are a great way of accesorising and I recently did this with an outfit I wore to an event, featured in my Delhi vlog. Belting on the whole has been a huge trend of Fall/Winter 2017-18 and if done right it can be super flattering. Belted coats have in fact been huge but you don’t have to buy a coat with a belt, you can add a belt you already have to pretty much any coat and you can completely transform the silhouette. I have used a thin belt with this ballon shaped coat and I think it works very well and not only changes the silhouette but also elevates the look as the belt adds a pop of colour, but feel free to experiment and try  wider belts, tie belts, metallic belts– have fun with it because all styles work well for this one!
So have fun and try these different ways to transform your look so that your one coat becomes the star of the show!